The Light of Ancient Stars

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The Light of Ancient Stars is my first poetry collection. It represents a cross-section of my favorite works, both new and old, across three principle subject areas: Poems of the human heart and our emotional landscape; poems about the awe and beauty of the natural world; and poems about historical figures and personalities, both heroic and evil in nature, who may be archetypes for a cause or system of thought and action.

The subjects of my poems are all linked by a common strand: They have all engaged me emotionally to such an extent that I have felt compelled to investigate them more thoroughly. I have also explored my emotional interiors in the unforgiving looking glass of time. I am most grateful that my readers have chosen to join me on my journey.

Photo Credit: Stringer/Hulton Archive/Getty Images in 1966

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The Animals 

The Animals is my first work of fiction. It is modeled very closely on the rise and fall of one of the British Invasion’s most iconic rock and roll bands, The Animals (“House of the Rising Sun,” “We Gotta Get Out of This Place”), from their humble beginnings in Newcastle, The U.K., to the top of the music charts and instant worldwide stardom, including appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show.

The Animals is a fictional account of young ambition and ego, naivete and betrayal, astonishing financial success and shocking financial ruin, searing romance and cold-blooded treachery, the tragedy of a fairy tale story gone wrong, and the ultimate triumph of the human will and spirit. There isn’t a doubt that readers will find themselves aching with laughter and crying with intense sorrow throughout this roller coaster ride through the life of a band and the music scene of the 1960’s.  

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